Clay Bar Cloth Towel Car Paintwork Cleaning Detailing Medium Grade

Clay Bar Cloth Towel Car Paintwork Cleaning Detailing Medium Grade

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12” x 12” (30cm x 30cm) Microfibre Clay Towel

This auction is for ONE Magic Clay Towel, Car Wash Clay cloth, Microfiber Clay bar towel, Car Care Surface prep clay towel, Ultra-clay towel.

A revolutionary alternative to the clay bar.  Features a 12'' x 12'' (30cm x 30cm) microfiber towel with a polymer rubber layer bonded to one side.  Just fold the towel into a pad and you can remove all surface contamination on vehicles faster and more effectively than a clay bar.  Can be rinsed and reused numerous times.

Features & Advantages & Usage

Safely and easily removes environmental contaminants:

  • Rail dust
  • Water Spots
  • Tar splatters
  • Bugs
  • Bird Droppings
  • Paint Overspray

Normally, car paint surface is easily adhered by contaminants by air pollution and industrial pollutant and environmental issues, in this way, it causes a different kind of particles like tars, paint, industrial rust, worms, bird droppings etc which adhere to car surface and causes oxidation and scratches.

By using clay towel, any kinds of particles can be easily removed.

Clay towel is definitely the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to clean and do no harm to car surface.



  • Make sure surface is clean and dry before use
  • Prime clay side of the towel by spraying suitable detailer/lubricant
  • Spray suitable detailer/lubricant on to paint surface and gentle work with the primed clay side until the surface is smooth to the touch
  • When the surface is smooth, buff and finished with a mircofibre side of the towel


Make sure you have cool paint and out of direct sunlight.

The best operating ambient temperature range is 10°C to 38°C (50°F to 100°F)

Do not use on surfaces over 60°C (145°F) otherwise, the polymerized rubber surface will start to melt.

Use only a showroom prep or clay lubricant to attain the best results.
Clay towel is not solvent resistant.
40 - 50 usages per towel (dependent upon contaminants encountered).